Hayday Superior Oyster Sauce 700g

  • By Meng Hu
  • Posted March 16, 2019

Eskom announce stage 4 load shedding, N1 Chinese Supermarket lights on for you

最新动向: 电力局宣布开启4级停电。中国批发城鑫旺府为您点灯。 周日现做奶茶, 各种口味任您挑选。 Eskom announced load shedding stage 4, N1 Chinese Supermarket in Milnerton lights on for you. Authentic bubble tea also available on weekends. Thank you for your support and we invite you to follow our wechat page by scanningour QR code.感谢您的支持, 请继续通过微信平台关注本店动向. Milnerton Shop Address: Shop C1-C7, Cape Grand China, 14 Racecourse Road, […]
  • By Meng Hu
  • Posted December 29, 2017

Sushi and where to find them!

Sushi is basically vinegared rice with seafood on the top, or a mixture of the two. It is now popular popular all over the world and is seen as a typical Japanese food. The most common type is Nigiri, or hand-rolled sushi, which is rice rolled into bite-sized pieces, called Shari, and covered with a […]
  • By estar
  • Posted November 27, 2017

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